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  • Why Environment Matters for Businesses?

    Businesses across the globe are increasingly recognizing that there is nothing more important in today’s business world than valuing the natural environment – for Indonesia to become a true global leader in business, we must begin valuing our own natural capital! We cordially invite you to a discussion forum to share insights into solutions that [...]...Read Full Story

  • Indonesia, a Treasure Trove of Biodiversity

    Indonesia is well endowed with natural wealth and beauty, and is a global epicenter of terrestrial and marine biodiversity. The archipelagic nation is home to the world’s most diverse coral reefs. Tens of millions of people rely on these reefs and associated coastal areas as the source of direct income and protein. Indonesia’s tropical rainforests, [...]...Read Full Story

  • Indonesia’s First Shark Sanctuary – Raja Ampat Leads the Way

    Written by: Sangeeta Mangubhai This week has without a doubt been the highlight of my career as a marine conservationist. And, as someone who has had a long-term love affair with the world’s oceans, it’s been a life highlight as well. On 20 February 2013, the Raja Ampat government officially announced that it hasdeclared its entire 4 million hectares of coastal [...]...Read Full Story

  • Resolutions for Rainforests

    As we come to the end of one year and the beginning of another, it once again becomes time to make some resolutions. For my part, I’ve resolved to increase my blogging frequency, work on my tennis serve and spend more time with my family. Oh, and continue to take steps, both large and small, [...]...Read Full Story

  • Watching Over Wehea

    Ledjie Taq remembers the moment he became an adult. After a seven-day fast, he emerged from the Wehea forest with two things: a dead deer — and pride. The meat proved that Ledjie Taq could now help provide for his village, Nehas Liah Bing, in the Indonesian province of East Kalimantan on the island of [...]...Read Full Story

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